With MPPSC pre and mains test series with qualitative test paper ,

intense discussion and answer formatting sessions with model answers.

The word DARPAN Stand for DEDICATED to All RESPONSIBILITY with PERSEVERANCE ATTENTIVENESS and NOVELTY. Team darpan are fully DEDICATED about their responsibility. RESPONSIBILITY to build a better nation via making good civil servant who are responsible, sensitive and punctual . This responsibility can be fulfill only when we work with Perseverance, attentiveness and Novelty. We are PERSEVERANCE towards success of each student. we are doing each and every efforts to make each student success in exam as well as success in life. ATTENTIVENESS are the another unique feature of the Darpan civil services. we are attentive towords each aspirant of MPPSC exam. MPPSC daily pre test series and MPPSC mains free test series are the example of our attentiveness in which we are evaluating each and every copy at free of cost . we are helping them in their performance analysis. NOVELTY is another key feature of darpan civil services.Novelty in teaching methodology, exam oriented notes, test discussion and evalution . this helps student to apply Novelty in their preparation so that, they can become a better civil servant with new approaches